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— In Doing Things with Heart
Fascinating People and Passions
We are surrounded by fascinating people, living extraordinary lives, yet so often we walk by without taking a second glance. What makes a person interesting and unique? Is it the way they dress? The way they speak? Or perhaps their complete passion for everything that they are apart of?

In this section, we will focus on stories. Stories that we believe need to be told about people we absolutely admire. Perhaps we can even inspire our dear readers to slow down in their daily lives and take the time to get to know certain friends better, while listening to their amazing stories. Because everyone's got one or two or twelve. ;)
07 - In Doing Things with Heart Every February 17th "Almost dying changes your perspective. You don't care afterwards, you're just happy to be alive, happy to be a human being, happy to travel, happy to hang with your homies. 06 - In Doing Things with Heart The Art of Rising with Zara Diniz 'When I look at your paintings, I hear twice the music.' 05 - In Doing Things with Heart Unity with Mike Prosserman Unity Charity itself began in Mike's eleventh grade entrepreneurship class, as the result of a project to write a business plan and run an event for charity. 04 - In Doing Things with Heart A Journey of Healing and Success “As someone who has survived a really traumatic event, I am really attuned to other people’s suffering and I want to lessen it however that is possible.” 03 - In Doing Things with Heart Meet The Man Who is Rebranding Human Rights Oppression ran through their blood and their history. So it was painful and tragic that his family couldn’t recognize the suffering and oppression of others. 02 - In Doing Things with Heart Dave A former inmate turned art therapist who works with the disenfranchised—the lost, the perpetrators, the victimized, the forgotten—to help them realize their own light. 01- In Doing Things with Heart Mani Mogo The joy of seeing their friends gather, talk and “mani mogo”. Chapter 2 - PRJCT1 - Unbreakable [ Photo Exhibit ] What is it to be Unbreakable? Told through a series of stark and kaleidoscopic urban dance portraits by creator Katy Chan, Unbreakable is the story of the indomitable human spirit and the way of the righteous warrior. Chapter 1 - Birth of KTCHN Meraki Let me leave you with a lasting impression through the images that I capture, long after the moments between the moments have passed.
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