Video Portraits for Website
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Video Portraits for Website
Toronto Startup Tech Company
Toronto Startup Tech Company
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Video Portraits for Website


Once upon a time, not so long ago, a Toronto-based software startup was on a revamp their team page. Their request: could we update their static team photos to a never-been-done-before-at-the-time video portrait format? Naturally, we said ‘yes’ to the brief.


At this time in our history, the creatives at the KTCHN Productions team had only just begun our journey in the world of video production. This particular creative request was a bit of a mind-boggler, but our team was up for the task. How would we achieve it?

Our video team was tasked to capture simple movements, facial expressions, and quirks for nine different individuals. They needed to look distinct, provide visual variety, and highlight each person’s personality...all in the space of 5-10 seconds. (That’s a lot of silent-movie acting in a short amount of time.)


We approached this in our own way, treating the project like a mini Hollywood shoot: we went all out with makeup artists and hairstylists to make sure each team member was camera-ready. From there, we worked with each person to suss out their roles, personalities, and particular facial expressions or favourite activities, and went from there. From biting an apple to cheering on the sales team, it all worked beautifully! (Shoutout to the amazing web development team, who worked seamlessly with KTCHN Productions to make it all happen and also kudos to our internal KTCHN web development team who replicated it in this case study below!).


When you ask KTCHN Productions for something, it’s always our intent not only to deliver what you’ve asked for, but to exceed your expectations. In this case, we hosted a quick 30-minute meeting with each team member to discuss how best they wanted to be seen in motion capture. A bonus for each team member at the end of the shoot: a professional-quality, beautifully lit, and perfectly retouched headshot! Take a look at our work below.

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