Chapter 1 - Birth of KTCHNMeraki

June 7, 2015


A globetrotting dream weaver and photographer extraordinaire, I have been practicing photography since 2008. My logo simply states, with heart. Inspired by the gentle wisdom of my 96 year old grandma, she’s taught me the simple beauty of being your authentic self and following your heart in all things you do. 

"This theme, with heart, is my piece of meraki that I leave with every one of my clients."

The best way to describe with heart is the Greek term, meraki, to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work. This theme, with heart, is my piece of meraki that I leave with every one of my clients.  As my client, I keep your best interests at heart while meeting your needs with a bit of soul, creativity, and love. Let me leave you with a lasting impression through the images that I capture, long after the moments between the moments have passed.

A few serendipitous events and signs from the universe later, I was on my way to Ireland and it ended up as a three year stay in Europe, and my journey into the world of photography.

In doing things with heart, my journey into photography began with a backpacking trip to Europe. With nothing but a backpack, a camera, and a sight disdain for photography at the time, I went to Ireland after a series of unfortunate events that almost had me cancelling the trip altogether. A few serendipitous events and signs from the universe later, I was on my way to Ireland and it ended up as a three year stay in Europe, and my journey into the world of photography.

My journey brought me to London where I shot products for the trendy product design firm, Suck UK, as their full time in-house Product Photographer. While in London, I’ve had some amazing opportunities shooting for London Fashion Week and collaborating with many world-renowned UK photographers including Benedict Redgrove, James Harris and Justin Barton – all of whom have deeply influenced and inspired me along the way, and still do.

Music has always played a big role in my life, and I was absolutely stoked to jump onto my next opportunity as a Freelance Photo Journalist for Inspired Flight Magazine, where I was able to shoot and interview musicians like Little Dragon, Guru aka Gang Starr, Solar, and Samuel and the Dragon, just to name a few.

Since returning to Toronto in 2012, I have had the honor of shooting many exciting corporate events, extravagant special celebrations, and personality/lifestyle photography for media personalities seeking to build and revamp their websites, while dabbling into some urban explorations from Berlin to Detroit on the side.  The last four years has been a whirlwind of adventures and luckily, I have captured every moment of it.

Inspired from my experiences, I am a globetrotting dream-weaver and photographer extraordinaire. I like to think of my photographic style like my journey into photography; versatile, authentic, and done with heart.  I don’t specialize in just one stream of photography; rather I weave together your moments and create your story through my lens, leaving you with a lasting impression long after the moments have passed.

Recently, my priority has been building the KTCHN brand.  As a single person can’t nor should put out forest fires on their own, I believe that big visions require artful collaborations with individuals with different expertise in their respective trade within the industry.  I have been doing just that - recruiting and working with some amazing talent. We even have something to show for it: a secret photo exhibit coming up in July and YOU are invited!

Come meet my fantastical team and see what we have built, together. With their help, I was able to deliver my vision from the inside of my mind to something a little more tangible – for you and for me. RSVP Here.




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