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Lauren & Seng's Wedding
Destination Wedding Photography
Lauren & Seng's Wedding
Seng and Lauren
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Lauren and Seng Wedding
Destination Wedding Photography


While Katy was travelling through Southeast Asia recently, she made a connection to shoot a destination wedding in Cambodia through a Japanese friend she had met in Kyoto. In this case, she had already passed through Cambodia six months prior, so she was delighted to give her lead photographer a chance for an exciting international project: shooting Seng and Lauren’s wedding day in Siem Reap.


the challenge

What appeared to be a pretty straightforward destination wedding shoot actually became rather complicated when our lead photographer arrived at the venue. While we were under the impression that we were the sole photographers for this wedding, the reality was something else entirely. Here’s what happened: the resort wedding package included a complimentary photo and video team, not to mention the bride and groom’s friend thought to surprise them with another photo/video team. So, to make this clear: there were an additional seven(!) media crew who were competing for time, space, shots, and attention with our one KTCHN Productions wedding photographer.

Our photographer’s challenge was getting clear, quality shots, as well as respectfully managing the rest of the photographers and videographers, in addition to facing language barriers in communicating with the local Cambodian photography and video team. We were also tasked to ensure we had appropriate equipment, batteries, and contingency plans in the tropical weather, heat, and humidity.

our approach

Once we learned about the many additional photographers and videographers that were attempting to cover Seng and Lauren’s wedding ceremony, we immediately sat down to consult with them regarding their priorities, to ensure they were appropriately serviced by our photographer. The couple agreed that KTCHN Productions would be given full priority and preferred access to document the event—after all, we were who they hired to shoot their wedding! With full client support, we were able to communicate this to the other media teams.

Upon learning of the situation with multiple media teams (the hotel’s complimentary team, alongside the hired team that the couple’s friends hired as a wedding gift), we consulted with the client to ensure that we were their priority.

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Despite the difficulty in communicating to the other media teams, whether with a language barrier or the possibility of bruised egos, we were able to maneuver around the media scrum at the wedding to capture the very best possible images of Seng and Lauren’s magical day! The combination of the festive atmosphere, favourable weather, the gorgeous resort grounds, and the stunning couple bedecked in traditional Cambodian attire made it easy for us to deliver on the high-quality, editorial look and feel that our clients wanted for their wedding day photos. Take a look at Seng and Lauren’s love story in the gallery below, with our team’s attention to detail, editorial style, fully capturing the romance and magic of their special day.

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